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Custom Generators Designed to Support Mining and Manufacturing Activities

At Elegen, we are aware that certain industries such as mining and manufacturing have heavy energy demands that require a custom-made power backup plan, as continuous power supply is an absolute necessity for the sustained success of any business in these industries.

The current loadshedding crisis makes it even more important for miners and manufacturers to have a reliable source of backup power on hand to deal with the fluctuating and detrimental effects of rolling blackouts. It is also worth noting that many of these businesses operate within remote areas that have additional power supply obstacles.

With all of this context in mind, and an eye on the sustained success of these businesses moving forward, procuring a generator solution from the experts at Elegen is a smart decision. This will provide peace of mind and security of power supply for the short and long-term, especially considering the thorough maintenance and servicing that we provide for our generator solutions.

Whether you need a plan for maintenance, shutdowns, peak supply demands or the constant annoyance of loadshedding, we’ll be able to provide a reliable solution that perfectly fits your power generation needs.

We provide the mining and manufacturing sectors with complete bespoke power backup solutions. These solutions are designed to provide mines, mining companies, manufacturing firms and all related stakeholders with the assurance that their systems and their operations are backed up by an industry leading firm that is trusted by the biggest and the best companies in southern Africa to handle their power generation needs.

Get In Touch With Us

We encourage you to get in touch with us to discuss your requirements, as this will allow us to make all of the necessary calculations to suggest the ideal custom generator solution to suit your exact needs, which we can then create for you and your business.

So, when making a decision regarding a generator for your mining or manufacturing business, consider a custom generator solution from Elegen that will fully satisfy your business’ backup power requirements and safeguard its sustainability and success.



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