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DEUTZ Diesel Engine Parts


Elegen is a leading supplier of genuine & aftermarket DEUTZ Diesel Engines and DEUTZ Diesel Generator Parts in South Africa.


Our range of DEUTZ Diesel Engine Parts include:
- DUETZ Diesel Engines
- Filters
- Starters
- Charging Alternators
- Water Pumps
- Oil Pumps
- Pistons Rings
- Sensors (magnetic)
- ECM controllers
- Gaskets
- Radiators
- Diesel Engine Oil 
- Diesel Engine Coolant, and more

DEUTZ offers efficient, flexible and compact engine systems producing up to 620 kW. Advanced technologies and extensive experience make DEUTZ engines ideal for generators for use in many areas including construction, engineering and commercial. 

Enquire online for your Deutz Diesel Engines and Parts

Elegen is a proud supplier of a large range of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) engines and parts.

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