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Elegen Generator Repairs & Maintenance – Service Your Generator To Keep It Operating Optimally

For diesel generators to perform optimally and provide a reliable back-up power solution when necessary, your generators need to be serviced regularly and repaired when issues arise.

This is a major focus for our teams at Elegen, which aim to provide excellent after-sales service and technical support whether over the phone, via email or through our service centre support.

We pride ourselves on exemplary customer service from start to finish, because we understand that after-sales maintenance is crucial to the longevity of the generator products we sell and rent out. We aim to stay a step ahead of the competition by offering the best maintenance plans in the industry, delivered by professional technicians who are the best in the business.

With offices in Gauteng and KwaZulu Natal, our highly-qualified and experienced Elegen technical support teams cover the whole of South Africa, ensuring your generator gets the required maintenance exactly when it is needed. When repairs are necessary, our teams are on hand to make efficient repairs that will keep your generators in top condition for when you need them.

Our professional generator technicians only utilise our trusted genuine generator parts, filters, oils and coolants. The Elegen service team is available for generator services, repairs and maintenance.

Why Is Maintenance Necessary?

The only way to ensure your business, organisation or home has power when you need it, is to get your generator serviced regularly and ensure that maintenance of your generator is a priority.

For businesses, power outages or sustained loadshedding practices can severely impact your productivity or disrupt critical operations within your company, leading to substantial financial losses while potentially endangering people’s lives.

If you do not service your generator and keep it running optimally, you will be in the same boat as someone who does not have a generator solution, as your generator will break down or not perform to its full potential when it is required.

How Often Should You Service Your Generator?

The best generator maintenance practice is to follow the maintenance schedule provided by the manufacturer of the generator to ensure maximum service time for the generator and proper operation when it is needed the most. We will happily guide you with technical advice whenever you need it in this regard.

As a general rule of thumb, the average generator-set needs to be serviced on an annual basis or at 250 running hours, whichever comes first. Many of our clients get so much use out of our generators, that they require continuous maintenance multiple times throughout the year, and we ensure that we service their generators timeously as soon as our expertise are required.

Our experienced technical teams will assist you with all your generator maintenance requirements, ensuring that your backup power plan is always ready to be utilised.

We manufacture and service generators in a range of sizes and power outputs, from 5kVA to a 20MVA /20 000kVA, ensuring that we can assist a you to keep your backup power solutions running when you need them most.

When you need to service or repair your diesel generators, make the informed decision and trust Elegen to handle your generator maintenance requirements.



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