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It’s not about size, it’s how you use it

Updated: May 26, 2021

Unlike tinder, one cannot swipe right when seeking a generator to comfort a darkened night. There are certain elements that need to be considered as well as important information when inquiring.

Elegen’s sales team will ask the right questions and guide you step by step for the duration of the sale but sometimes knowing a thing or two before hand not only allows better negotiations, you’ll have extra information to amp an awkward tinder date and install a power source.

Let’s get to it.

When inquiring for generators there are two questions to ask:

What size is most suitable?

Should it be portable or stationary?

Generators are rated according to the number of kilowatts (kW) the electricity can produce.

Commonly sought after is a 5KVA machine as it is “a basic system that can restore power to multiple survival appliances”[1], for example your television and fridge. Depending on the degrees of power, rated watts increase to 30KVA and up. In my opinion, a 50 KVA is the better option for medium to large homes or business wanting total comfort during a power outage. Anything above isn’t necessary.

Once chosen the size that best fits your household or business needs (gents, it’s always smaller than you think so you don’t need to select the largest one), the question of movement is next.

Our household generators are maximised at 17,5 watts and require extension cords to run through a window or door (imperative the generator remains outside). However, there are certain drawbacks – common extension cords cannot be plugged into large appliances (ceiling fan) and if “you use an undersized cord, you can potentially damage the generator and appliances”.[2]

Thus, you should consider a standby generator for convenience. Our all-weather generators are installed outside like “a central air conditioner and are wired through an automatic

transfer switch to the main electrical panel”. These have become increasingly popular with homes having multiple technological devices and eliminates the buying of candles.

Elegen is one of Africa's leading OEM manufacturers and suppliers of generators. Having a range of generators in stock always and ability to manufacture custom generators in conjunction with leading brands.

So, all your questions and concerns about size and suitability will be satisfied in a phone call with one of the sales team.

So, when a date asks about your size, KVA diesel generators is a better comparison than socks.

Blogger: -oh no a Hinckley-




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