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Never fear for ELEGEN is here!

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

October 20th, 2020, The Grid released its Transmission Development Plan (TDP) for 2021 and the following nine years. Various stakeholders stated that future endeavors will be to “increase the transmission infrastructure by approximately 5 650 km of high-voltage lines and 41 595 MVA of transformer capacity”.[1]

However, the financial investments needed to increase the transmission grid to accommodate this planned capacity is an inescapable fear amongst taxpayers (If you blog on commission, you don’t have to worry).

Leading Publications, highlighted that The Grid’s argument of an additional R23 billion in order to uphold what was claimed in the TDP as well as to reach financial sustainability. The Grid’s request for further tariff increases (yonder 5.22% increase was approved) to motion financial stabilization.

Their new court application interprets that they are asking for just a more pennies from us. However further increases, will “lead to more double-digit electricity increases in 2021/22” (Comins,L:2020).[2] Adding in the effects of COVID-19, next year will be the year we embrace our ancestors – candles, cold baths and no toast.

Unaffordable electricity is haunting our households but never fear for ELEGEN is here!

Don’t allow this inevitable burden to affect your business: keep generating income with our generators.

-oh no a Hinckley-

[1] Creamer, T. 2020: [2] Comins,L. 2020:



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